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Connected Automotive Economics: A New Approach for OEM Pricing Practices

Connected vehicles are here to stay. And now that the vehicle is a “connected device,” consumers demand services with the same kind of functionality and benefits their other devices offer.

However, some automotive OEMs still find it difficult to actually sell connected services: some suspect that demand is overestimated; others are concerned with lower-than-expected subscription renewal rates. There’s a mismatch – but why? Are consumers generally unwilling to pay for connected vehicle services? Or is the current offer simply not appealing?

Covisint recently commissioned a consumer research study with CGS Advisors, LLC, to answer these questions and more. This research study “Connected Automotive Economics: A New Approach for OEM Pricing Practices” explains why connected services are drastically changing the rules of the game for the automotive industry.

Find out why the report predicts that the industry must adopt pricing models aligned to the real economics of being connected. You’ll also learn how connected vehicle services are influenced by network effects and what this means for an OEM’s revenue and profit potential. In addition, you’ll discover how OEMs can avoid the risk of losing the longer-term customer relationship to third-parties like telecommunication or telematics service providers.

In short: if you’re interested in learning which economic model best serves Automotive OEMs, download this report.

This white paper is based on findings from a consumer research study conducted with new vehicle buyers in 2013. It was conducted by CGS Advisors with a random sample of consumers in the United States that acquired new vehicles within the past 24 months. Covisint, a leading provider of automotive connectivity solutions, sponsored the research study.

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