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Covisint - Connect. Engage. Collaborate.

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d: Wednesday, July 24, 2013
t: 1 PM Eastern
d: 60-minutes

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Is Your Enterprise Portal: Never Finished, Always Over Budget and Delivering Limited Value?

Learn How One Global Company Meets Evolving Portal Needs in the Cloud at a Fraction of Traditional Costs

An increasing number of organizations are turning to next generation, cloud-based Portals to meet the growing expectation of customers, business partners, suppliers, and employees to access and share critical – and often confidential -- company information whenever they want, wherever they are, and on whatever device they are using. They are learning the hard way that traditional on-premise portals are failing to deliver the flexibility, agility, and time-to-value that these new business requirements demand, and as a result, they are losing revenue and market share to faster moving competitors.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How next-generation, cloud-based enterprise portals can provide a complete business solution that can be up and running in weeks, easily extended to meet specific business needs, and at a fraction of the cost of legacy technology.
  • How one global company is using its portal technology to address these new expectations by improving interaction with its supply base, supporting and requesting interaction and knowledge exchange with its partners, and ultimately increasing competitive advantage and loyalty between partners.
  • The best practices – and the pitfalls to avoid -- for implementing a successful portal strategy that meets your business needs for flexibility, agility, and time-to-value.


Ralph Greiner, Daimler AG
Manager Daimler Supplier Portal Procurement & Communication

As a Manager at Daimler AG, Ralph Greiner is responsible in Procurement Communication for all processes and communication within Daimler Supplier Portal. Ralph has a degree in Production Engineering and started his business as a Quality Engineer in 1991 at quality assurance in the Mercedes powertrain plant in Stuttgart. In 1998, he moved into the strategic division of the Mercedes-Benz passenger car procurement department, with the German side project lead for the “External Balanced Scorecard” (supplier evaluation). 2001 Ralph moved into the new eBusiness organization of (that time) DaimlerChrysler to define and implement the global Daimler Supplier Portal with the newly founded IT-Provider “Covisint”. Between that time and today Ralph has also taken over supplier master data management for procurement for some time.

As a specialist for Portals and supplier management, Ralph is also working within VDA with the main German OEM and suppliers to ease Portal processes and supplier OEM relation.

John Gleeson, Covisint
Director of Product Marketing

John Gleeson is Covisint’s Director of Product Marketing, bringing more than 13 years web application and collaboration platform experience to benefit Covisint customers. He is responsible for Covisint’s platform product vision, roadmap, sales enablement and business development for Covisint’s best-in-class portal Platform as a Service solution.

Prior to joining Covisint, John was Collaboration Program Director for Compuware. He wasR responsible for driving ongoing evolution of Compuware's employee portal, leveraging Covisint's on-deman collaboration platform.